My Food Journey in Buffalo : Gin Gin

Gin-Gin is listed as one 27 best restaurants in Buffalo by the Buffalo Spree magazine. This restaurant opens 7 days a week! It offers different kinds of Chinese dishes from Hunan, Szechuan and Cantonese - there are 138 options on the menu card!!!

  • [food] I ordered a lunch special combination (Szechuan Chicken & Egg Drop Soup), Eggplant w. garlic sauce and a small cold chrysanthemum tea. The lunch was good, but a bit oily. I love the Eggplant and the homemade chrysanthemum tea - a perfect popular summer beverage ^O^
  • [service] The waitress/cashier (i think she is the owner) is accommodating. However, the service was slow - I have to wait more than 30 minutes to be served a bowl of soup at this restaurant; further I received my drink at the end of my meal!!!
  • [price] A VERY generous serving size at a GREAT price! I paid 17 dollars++ for all 4 items. Both dishes were large enough to share...
  • [scene/decor] Simple in decor...includes few Chinese wall hangings.
  • [food rating] Lunch Special (3 stars) ; Eggplant (4 stars) ; chrysanthemum tea (4 1/2 stars)

My Food Journey in Buffalo: Hutch's Restaurant

For all single men in Buffalo: If you want to impress a girl on your first date, then bring her to Hutch's. It is a 'first-class' restaurant, the staffs were professional and 'super-duper' friendly. In fact, the owner stopped by to ensure the customers were enjoying their meals.

  • [food] The food itself was outstanding. I tried a small plate Moroccan Spiced Shrimp Salad, Jambalaya Pasta and Triple Chocolate Brownie Tar. I enjoyed very much the spiced salad and pasta!!! However, I was not so excited with the brownie tart - i think it would have been much better as just a plain brownie with vanilla ice-cream.
  • [service] The service was exemplary! The waiter was knowledgeable and attentive ;)
  • [price] Pricey, it was 35 dollars (excl tip) for the 3-course meal - but WORTH IT!
  • [scene/decor] It is a cozy restaurant with brick-lined walls, looks like a trattoria in Italy!
  • [food rating] Salad - 4 1/2 stars ; Pasta - 4 1/2 stars ; Brownie Tart - 3 stars

My Food Journey in Buffalo: KababAndCurry Express

The Kabab and Curry express restaurant located along Main Street, nearby UB South campus. The food is not so pricey, authentic and highly recommended ^O^. Since it is an express restaurant, there are not many lunch options are available and the decor is simple.
  • [food] Must try lunch special : Chicken Biryani and Chicken Makhni (Indian butter chicken), YUMMY!!!!!
  • [service] The service is good - the waiter is not so cute tho..whoops..!
  • [price] Not expensive - worth the money!
  • [scene/decor] The restaurant is 3S - Simple, Small and at Superb location!
  • [food rating] 4 stars

My Food Journey in Buffalo : Palace of Dosa

This is a vegetarian restaurant. It offers basic types of dosas (i.e., south indian's crepes). I had one glass of plain lassi and one onion rava masala dosa stuffed with minced onion and spiced potatoes. The dish was served with dhal and coconut chutney.
Here are my comments:
  • [food] The dosa was cripsy and tasted ok; but didnt wow me! Neither dhal nor chutney were memorable.
  • [service] The service was a bit slow but the waitress was friendly.
  • [price] Expensive! 13.00 dollars for the food+ drink+ service charge.
  • [scene/decor] The place is clean, but smells of curry..
  • [food rating] 2 1/2 stars

My Food Journey in Buffalo : Brunch at Amy's Place

This is a great spot in Buffalo to grab brunch on the weekend. Highly recommended for vegans and vegetarian as they have great choices.

My reviews:
  • [food] I ordered omelette which includes choice of cheese (American cheese), two additional options (broccoli and sour cream) and served with minced potato and toast. A very generous portion and tasty.
  • [service] Despite being busy, the service was fine.
  • [price] Reasonable price ~ 8.00 dollars ++
  • [scene/decor] This place reminds me of the traditional coffee shop in Malaysia. Small, crowded and unique in its 'own and old' way.
  • [food rating] 3 1/2 stars

My Food Journey in Buffalo : Jasmine Thai

This place provides main lunch for a very reasonable price - a very inexpensive Thai restaurant. I was not super excited with the food tho...I had a fresh spring roll with peanut dipping sauce, 'medium ' chicken hot pepper (Thai Red Curry) and a Lychee drink.

Here are my reviews:
  • [food] The spring roll was really good, I wonder what is recipe for the dipping sauce - It was delicious and flavorful! I am a BIG fan of Thai food, so I don't think it's the best red curry, but it will satisfy hunger.
  • [service] The waitress was very friendly and the cook as well, the service was quick.
  • [price] very cheap, the total price was just 12.00 dollars!!!
  • [scene/decor] A clean and decent place..
  • [food rating] Spring roll with peanut sauce (4 stars) ; Red curry with rice (2 1/2 stars)

My Food Journey in Buffalo : DUFFS Buffalo Wings

A food lover in Buffalo should visit the Prof Rapaport's web page. It contains an excellent guide to restaurants around Buffalo. For the next few weeks, I am going to visit few restaurants as listed on this page..

Today, I bought 10 pieces of medium hot buffalo wings from DUFF's at Sheridan Drive, but ate only half of those pieces because the food was filling.

Here are my reviews:
  • [food] The buffalo wings were crispy and tasted great!! However, I wish they were less-oily. The blue cheese dip with veggies-> outstanding :)
  • [service] A friendly and fast service...
  • [price] 10 pieces of wings for 9.75 dollars, a reasonable price!
  • [scene/decor] A typical American bar with moderate setting.
  • [food rating] 3 1/2 stars

Asparagus with Garlic

Today i tried my own recipe for asparagus and it came out really well - according to my housemate!. This is my second *experience with Asparagus, the first one was when one of my workmates invited me for an asparagus dinner. We had our dinner with potatoes but the Hollandaise sauce was missing.
It seems that in Germany, Spring is the traditional time to eat white asparagus or Deutscher Spargel (the German name) ..

Here is a tasty twist to regular Asparagus:
Tip: It is recommended to 'Saute' the asparagus to maintain their flavor..

- A bunch of fresh asparagus
- Minced garlic & onion
- Oyster sauce
- Olive oil

There is no love sincerer than the love of food [gbs]

Here it comes...finally!! A blog to describe my passion for food. My interests to try different kinds of food and to invent new recipes have prompted me to come up with this food journal. 'Food is our common ground, a universal experience', and I am looking forward to share my experience with everyone out there...!