Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Tokio Acacia

Just one word to describe Tokio Acacia.. WOW! I am an avid sushi eater and I must say that I was impressed with the food, service and atmosphere. The restaurant preserves the traditional culture of Japanese cuisine. There are several indoor slippers placed in a a shoe rack at the doorway. This is a 'hint' to customers that they should remove their shoes and wear the slippers before stepping onto the dining area. Different kinds of sake bottles, origami cranes, etc. arranged neatly on a wooden rack set. The restaurant is equipped with traditional lowered tables as well as modern style wooden tables and chairs.For me, the best seats are around the 'worktop' in the center of the restaurant; you can observe the sushi chef slicing raw fish, crafting rolls and grilling the food...meticulous and artistic!

Japanese etiqutte @ wearing slippers :
shoes *should* be arranged neatly with toes facing the door..

I am not so sure about the actual ingredients...
I named them as lip-smacking fried seafood-flavored tofu cubes ;)

(A nice, pleasant Oolong tea)
  • [food] The menu is not extensive, but the restaurant offers fine selections of dishes. I ordered a small 'sushiteller' - a sushi combo which includes 3 Nigiri and 4 Maki. They were very fresh, delicious, and satisfying :) I love the Ei (sweet egg) , Garnele (prawn) and Inari (stuffed tofu) sushi...The soy sauce was not overly salty, it was just right...In addition (well, I was so pleased with the food), I ordered a spicy Uramaki (with Tuna, Avacado, Leek and Chilli sauce fillings) and a California roll (with prawn and avacado). The roll was really tasty, however I wasn't so excited with the spicy tuna.
  • [service] The service was polite; the waitress took little time to serve the drinks. It might take a while to receive the sushi though...
  • [price] Expensive (~28 EUR ) but WORTH it! Table reservations are highly recommended as they have limited seating.
  • [stars] 4 3/4 stars
@FO - Thank you for joining! Visions of sushi still dancing in my head..hehe...
For Tokio Acacia: Gochiso sama deshita ^O^

Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : La Corrida

I went to La Corrida (a Spanish restaurant) after J's wedding. This restaurant is huge with plenty of wooden tables for food service. The dining space is decorated with different 'spotlights' to create a mood - nice!. Not many interesting wall-decorations, there is a painting of a matador. The continental-style background music was good :)
  • [food] I chose 'Paella Mixta Playa del Sol' (with onion, paprika, shrimp, octopus, mussel, green bean, garlic poached in Spanish rice). I have only had paella once (6 years ago!), so i didn't know what to expect...I rate this second time as slightly above average..The rice wasn't flavorful enough for me. It was a little too watery. I was looking for crispy crust at the bottom of the pan, but there was none. The good points : vegetables were half-cooked and the amount of seafood was satisfying.
  • [service] There were not many people in the restaurant so the service was fast. The service could become slow as the restaurant got crowded. We waited...waited...and waited for the bill to arrive, and it did -> after 45 minutes!
  • [price] The food was in huge portion at a very reasonable price!! Paella + AnanassaftSchorle ~ 10 EUR
  • [food rating] 3 1/2 stars