Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Die Bohne - Kaffeerösterei

Are you addicted to coffee? Looking for the best cappuccino in town? Die Bohne is probably the cafe you are looking for.. It's a very small place and primarily in the business of selling coffee beans. However, it also offers a wide selection of coffee, light snack, homemade cakes and smoothies. It's a little tricky to find the cafe, the entrance to the restaurant is quite narrow. It's nearby the wineshop on LudgeriStr. Here is the google map link .
I have to admit that I am not a big fan of coffee of any kind, but based on my personal experience, Die Bohne is a great place for a cup of coffee(especially cappuccino). It reminds me of my 'cappuccino days' in Florence..The only two drawbacks are (a) the cafe is VERY small and probably not suitable for a large group (b) I like the presentation of the cakes more than the actual taste of the cakes. They were not too sweet (Das ist OK für mich), but they were just not moist enough to be considered as great as the coffee! To sum up, if you want to have your 'cappuccino day', this place is an option to visit. Perhaps, you may want to take home some grams of coffee.. [Rating] Coffee - 4 1/2 stars ; Cake - 3 stars

Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Noites de Lisboa

I have been craving for good seafood lately, so I decided to visit a Portuguese restaurant called Noites de Lisboa . I am glad we found it ! This restaurant is not very appealing from the outside, but it has a great atmosphere inside. With traditional and contemporary decor, friendly staff, quiet atmosphere, it offers a great sense of warmth and coziness. Here are a few things I have tried :

(a) Bread with olive oil and creamy garlic dip - appetizer while waiting for my meal!

(b) Main courses are served with a choice of side dish - rice, salad or potato slices. I had the "Bacalhau Grelhado" - A grilled cod fish served with zucchini, mushroom and paprika, and accompanied by green salsa sauce (Salsa Verde). The fish was tasted good, moderately tender and not over-grilled - it was grilled just right so that the edges are not too charred, loved it! The 'zucchini+mushroom' was brilliant, loved it even more!! Suggestion : You may opt for rice or potato instead of salad..

(c) My dessert : A Portuguese Custard Tart. The crust was little bit dry and the custard filling was far too sweet for me. It was served cold and didnt enjoy it much.. I prefer the one at room temperature or warm from the oven ;)

  • [service] Service was slow, but tolerable..
  • [price] Grilled fish + Apple Juice + Tart + Tips ~ 20.00 EUR
  • [Rating] Grilled Fish - 4 1/4 stars ; Dessert - 3 stars
For seafood lovers...the verdict is simple: go for it!!