Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Ristorante FIU

Today, I had a seafood dinner at FIU - a restaurant which serves grilled meat and seafood. This restaurant is owned by the same owner of the Mocca d'or and Cafe Med. Although it is located within the main restaurant @ Mocca d'or, FIU has its own distinctive design features - a dining area surrounded with brick walls, a huge wine bottle rack, charcoal grill in an open kitchen, a small salad bar which includes selection of salads and several fresh seafood displayed on ice. The restaurant is decorated with black and white photos of seafood, a colorful abstract portrait, and the menus are provided on a large white board. Don't forget to check the small, old clock hanging in a corner of the room! There is limited seating inside (around 7 tables) and a small amount of outdoor seating.
  • [food] The complimentary homemade bread served with dips set the evening off to a good start. I love the sun-dried tomato dip!!!The grilled fish set meal includes a decent sized Zander fillet and a large bowl of salad with yummy yogurt sauce. The main course served with some tomato sauce and a seasoned bread. The fish fillet was well prepared to ensure they retained their taste of seafood. The sauce could have simply benefited from a little extra seasoning though...
  • [service] The service was slow - good grilling takes time anyway!
  • [price] Prix fixe (A fish fillet with salad) = EUR 13.40 .. Affordable and generous portion
  • [rating] Fish fillet - 4 stars
In a nutshell, if you are a fish-lover, this place is worth visiting :) The drawbacks are that the restaurant offers limited menu and the a la carte options are little pricey. The restaurant is small, so reservations are highly recommended.

Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Enchilada

Today we had our Mexican dinner at Enchilada. The restaurant is an old brick building with high ceiling and large arched windows. There are two floors with a seating area. The ground floor has an inside bar and a larger dining area, whereas the upper floor is a balcony with the view of the ground floor. A dumb waiter is used to deliver the food from the ground floor to the upper floor. The restaurant offers a nice atmopshere that is perfect for dining with friends. It provides an extensive menu and a decent range of cocktails and other beverages.

(Alcohol free cocktail @ Safe Drive Home with orange, pineapple, lime, maracuja, etc. A little too sour for my taste...)

(My favourite and highly recommended!
The Ginger Gruen with lemon, orange, ginger ale, etc.)

  • [food] I had the 'tres miniburritos' or three mini burritos with different fillings (a) chicken and cheese (b) Chilli con Carne, Mexican rice and vegetables (c) Spinach and cheese. They were served with cheese, sour cream and tomato dips. I appreciate much the food presentation, however the quality of the food did not meet my expectations. First, the food was not warm enough. Second, the fillings were not well seasoned. Finally, the dips were just ordinary. Overall, in my opinion the food lacks the authentic taste of Mexican food....
  • [service] The service was decent...
  • [price] 2 cocktails + Burritos ~ 16 EUR. A good-sized portion at a reasonable price. Note: Half-price cocktails are available during Happy Hour (6-8pm) everyday!
  • [rating] Tres miniburritos : 3 stars
Conclusions: Average food - not impressive tho! The atmosphere was good..the highlight was the ginger cocktail! Don't miss the half-price cocktail hour ;)