Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Heaven Restaurant

It's a Girls Night! We gathered to have dinner at Heaven Restaurant & Club. This large-spaced restaurant has several areas - the dining area, the dance floor, the comfy lounges with canopy and the open kitchen. The simple and nice decor reflects a contemporary feel with dark wood floors, half length white drapes hanging over the wall, classic candle holders on long tables and modern hanging chandeliers. These elements along with high ceilings and subtle background music create a warm, welcoming atmosphere...
  • [food] The restaurant offers mainly the Thai and Italian specialties. I had the Thai yellow curry with chicken and well-cooked rice. Good food with lots of vegetables and chicken breast, but didn't 'wow' me tho.. The curry sauce was runny, not creamy enough. The dessert menu is limited and wasn't tempting (in my opinion).
  • [service] The wait was a bit long, but tolerable. The waitress was courteous and attentive. I was impressed when she brought me a menu printed with English descriptions - without me asking for it! On the other hand, the other waitress left the check on the table and she never came back! We had to figure out the price of each meal....
  • [price] Special offer every Wednesday @ One Thai dish only costs about 8 eur! With a voucher from Gutscheinbuch Muenster, I paid only 10 eur for Thai Yellow Curry & 2 bottles of mineral water & tips. Danke BL, muah!
  • [rating] Thai Yellow Curry : 3 1/2 stars
Conclusions: Average food at a reasonable price, especially a good offer on Wednesdays! The service depends on the waitress - I had the great and average service...Simple yet elegant ambiance!

Der leckere Käsekuchen von Muenster...

I decided to write something different this time...I have a HUGE sweet tooth! My favorites are chocolate & carrot flavored cakes, I don't usually like cheesecake that much tho ..I always think that unlike bread & cheese, cake and cheese don't fit well! But, not in Germany...I found that the cheesecakes in Germany (or Käsekuchen) are quite different from other cheesecakes I have had before... I have been told that Käsekuchen is made with quark cheese instead of cream cheese - a good alternative to get rid of some extra calories ;) Here are some short reviews about Käsekuchen from few bakeries around Muenster:

Schrunz Bäckerei
Not as good as a cheesecake that is baked fresh daily; the cream was way too sweet and not fluffy...don't like the thin 'jelly' layer on the top of the cheese cake.
Price : 1.20 EUR
Rating : 3 stars

The cheese cake was creamy, light and not too sweet..tasted great! I would have preferred not to have the sugary crust on the top of the cake.
Price: 1.40 EUR
Rating : 4 stars

Leusig (Kappenberger Damm 15)
Probably my favorite out of all I tried. Unlike other cheese cakes which come with a very thin sponge cake layer spread with cheese filling, this cheese cake was perfectly balanced with creamy filling and sponge cake layers. It tasted really fresh, like homemade! Again, I would have preferred not to have the icing sugar...
Price: 1.30 EUR
Rating : 4.5 stars
Note: The bakery offers cheese cakes only on Tuesdays and Fridays...;)

Cibaria Vollkornbäckerei (Bremer Str 56)
The good point is the cheese cake was made with organic ingredients. However, it is not my preferred cheesecake. I found the cheesecake filling to be a bit dry ('powdery') and heavy..
Price: 1.80 EUR
Rating : 2.5 stars

Floyd Coffee Lounge
A decent, not too sweet cheesecake with a thin bottom layer. I probably would not buy it again, as I found it to be over priced and the portion was very small.
Price: 1.15 EUR
Rating : 3.5 stars

Effings Backstube GbR Inh. Ralf Rötters
The bakery products are also available at the Muenster farmer's market. The cheese cake tasted rich, creamy and not too sweet! If you like a very thin sponge layer with much cheese filling, then this is probably the best option. Note that the baker sells only the half-cake or the whole cake. The price is unbeatable, just 5.00 EUR for the whole cake..wu-hooo...!
Rating : 4.0 stars

Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Mandarin China-Restaurant

Today is Chinese New Year's eve; I did a short research online on where we might be able to find authentic Chinese food in Muenster. Finally, we decided to have dinner at Mandarin China-Restaurant as it was highly rated. Unfortunately, for me, perhaps it is overrated! I was not so impressed with the food...however, the ambiance is very nice.. The interior of this medium-sized restaurant consists of traditional dining sets with an artificial fish pond in the middle of the restaurant, a big golden Smiley Buddha, modern ceiling lights, windows with etched glass vinyl decals, etc.

  • [food] I started my dinner with a bowl of Mandarin soup with some minced chicken and vegetables. The soup was light and decent. Then, I had one of the classic dish that usually served in many Chinese restaurants 'Gong-Bao-Ji-Ding' - a medley of chicken, paprika, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, carrots, etc. The food presentation was superb, however the flavor just didn't meet my expectations - the sauce was a bit watery and too salty for my taste.
  • [service] A warm and friendly customer service ;) The waitress was very attentive to us . In fact, they were patiently waiting for us to leave - we were the last customers in the restaurant when we left!
  • [price] Large portions for a reasonable price.. Soup + Gong-Bao-Ji-Ding + Apfel Schorle = 15.00 EUR
  • [rating] Gong-Bao-Ji-Ding: 3 stars ; Mandarin Soup : 3 stars
The good points are : the ambiance is great and the restaurant offers a big range of food(Chinese & Japanese). Also, I appreciated the food presentation and the friendly customer service. However, the food didn't 'wow' me, possibly because the sauce didn't cling to the pieces of chicken and vegetables.