Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Mandarin China-Restaurant

Today is Chinese New Year's eve; I did a short research online on where we might be able to find authentic Chinese food in Muenster. Finally, we decided to have dinner at Mandarin China-Restaurant as it was highly rated. Unfortunately, for me, perhaps it is overrated! I was not so impressed with the food...however, the ambiance is very nice.. The interior of this medium-sized restaurant consists of traditional dining sets with an artificial fish pond in the middle of the restaurant, a big golden Smiley Buddha, modern ceiling lights, windows with etched glass vinyl decals, etc.

  • [food] I started my dinner with a bowl of Mandarin soup with some minced chicken and vegetables. The soup was light and decent. Then, I had one of the classic dish that usually served in many Chinese restaurants 'Gong-Bao-Ji-Ding' - a medley of chicken, paprika, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, carrots, etc. The food presentation was superb, however the flavor just didn't meet my expectations - the sauce was a bit watery and too salty for my taste.
  • [service] A warm and friendly customer service ;) The waitress was very attentive to us . In fact, they were patiently waiting for us to leave - we were the last customers in the restaurant when we left!
  • [price] Large portions for a reasonable price.. Soup + Gong-Bao-Ji-Ding + Apfel Schorle = 15.00 EUR
  • [rating] Gong-Bao-Ji-Ding: 3 stars ; Mandarin Soup : 3 stars
The good points are : the ambiance is great and the restaurant offers a big range of food(Chinese & Japanese). Also, I appreciated the food presentation and the friendly customer service. However, the food didn't 'wow' me, possibly because the sauce didn't cling to the pieces of chicken and vegetables.

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