Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Heaven Restaurant

It's a Girls Night! We gathered to have dinner at Heaven Restaurant & Club. This large-spaced restaurant has several areas - the dining area, the dance floor, the comfy lounges with canopy and the open kitchen. The simple and nice decor reflects a contemporary feel with dark wood floors, half length white drapes hanging over the wall, classic candle holders on long tables and modern hanging chandeliers. These elements along with high ceilings and subtle background music create a warm, welcoming atmosphere...
  • [food] The restaurant offers mainly the Thai and Italian specialties. I had the Thai yellow curry with chicken and well-cooked rice. Good food with lots of vegetables and chicken breast, but didn't 'wow' me tho.. The curry sauce was runny, not creamy enough. The dessert menu is limited and wasn't tempting (in my opinion).
  • [service] The wait was a bit long, but tolerable. The waitress was courteous and attentive. I was impressed when she brought me a menu printed with English descriptions - without me asking for it! On the other hand, the other waitress left the check on the table and she never came back! We had to figure out the price of each meal....
  • [price] Special offer every Wednesday @ One Thai dish only costs about 8 eur! With a voucher from Gutscheinbuch Muenster, I paid only 10 eur for Thai Yellow Curry & 2 bottles of mineral water & tips. Danke BL, muah!
  • [rating] Thai Yellow Curry : 3 1/2 stars
Conclusions: Average food at a reasonable price, especially a good offer on Wednesdays! The service depends on the waitress - I had the great and average service...Simple yet elegant ambiance!

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