Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Ristorante FIU

Today, I had a seafood dinner at FIU - a restaurant which serves grilled meat and seafood. This restaurant is owned by the same owner of the Mocca d'or and Cafe Med. Although it is located within the main restaurant @ Mocca d'or, FIU has its own distinctive design features - a dining area surrounded with brick walls, a huge wine bottle rack, charcoal grill in an open kitchen, a small salad bar which includes selection of salads and several fresh seafood displayed on ice. The restaurant is decorated with black and white photos of seafood, a colorful abstract portrait, and the menus are provided on a large white board. Don't forget to check the small, old clock hanging in a corner of the room! There is limited seating inside (around 7 tables) and a small amount of outdoor seating.
  • [food] The complimentary homemade bread served with dips set the evening off to a good start. I love the sun-dried tomato dip!!!The grilled fish set meal includes a decent sized Zander fillet and a large bowl of salad with yummy yogurt sauce. The main course served with some tomato sauce and a seasoned bread. The fish fillet was well prepared to ensure they retained their taste of seafood. The sauce could have simply benefited from a little extra seasoning though...
  • [service] The service was slow - good grilling takes time anyway!
  • [price] Prix fixe (A fish fillet with salad) = EUR 13.40 .. Affordable and generous portion
  • [rating] Fish fillet - 4 stars
In a nutshell, if you are a fish-lover, this place is worth visiting :) The drawbacks are that the restaurant offers limited menu and the a la carte options are little pricey. The restaurant is small, so reservations are highly recommended.

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