Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Aspendos

The initial plan was to have a simple dinner, but we ended up in an exclusive Mediterranean restaurant. Aspendos is quite deceiving from the outside..It looked like a normal kebab house, but as soon as I walked in the door, I knew it was going to be a great dinner. I was impressed with the decor and overall ambiance which is much influenced by Middle Eastern concept. With four dining areas, there is plenty of space for guests to sit..The place was decorated with colourful rugs and curtains, nice paintings, ceramic wall tiles, Arabic lamps, a fireplace, table linen, cushioned sofas, and many more! The atmosphere was simply laid-back..

  • [food] The menu includes various Mediterranian dishes. It is divided into different types of meat - very helpful :) Several vegetarian and seafood dishes, doner kebab are also available. I had the "Hähnchen Aspendos" - A huge portion of chicken breast served with tomato pesto sauce, baked potatoes, mushrooms and grilled feta cheese. The food presentation was great. The chicken breast could have been just a little more tender. The sauce was a bit salty for my taste. However, if you like a tangy flavour, you will probably enjoy it..
  • [service] The staffs were very pleasant and polite.
  • [price] Hähnchen Aspendo + Ginger Ale ~ 15.00EUR...The price is acceptable due to the large portion and decent food..
  • [rating] Hähnchen Aspendos - 4 stars
Conclusions : We could see the owner put much effort in decorating the place - the atmosphere is beyond fabulous! Decent selection, reasonable prices and above-average food. Should give it a try :)

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