Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Mongo's

I just got back from the Mangos - a Mangolian restaurant and my overall experience was good. Mangos is a restaurant chain operating in cities like Muenster, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, etc. The restaurant is a visual knockout! a fusion of simple, elegant with a traditional touch. The dining room features several golden chandeliers with 'lighted spoon' (see below), Mongolian-face relief in wooden frames and brass hanging plates . They give off a soothing yellow glow that creates a nice atmosphere..the animal prints add punch to the restaurant benches.. and the bar is decorated with wine bottles..

(a small light bulb attached to the spoon)

The process for ordering is simple. (1) Select your option (either buffet or 'one-way' meal). With the buffet option, you can keep going back for more as many times as you like. (2) Let the waitress know about the choice of marinade (there are 9 kinds to choose from). She will jot it down on the bowl-holder..(3) Hunt your food! Take a big bowl and make your individual dish from sliced meats, seafood, fresh vegetables and noodles. Hand your creation to Mr Chef, he will do the rest!

Enjoy half-price cocktails from 10.00pm!

The free starter @ tomato soup with coconut milk. It reminds me of the light-version of thai-spiced tomato soup.. "Goyo amttai baisan"!

My first creation: Chicken, noodles, and vegetables with the Malay Satay sauce. Sorry, they need to improve it - way too much of peanut and the flavor was not well-balanced!

My second creation: Stir-fried oryx with pineapples, vegetables and Thai Red Curry sauce. I like it! Nice aroma and not too spicy :) The meat really tastes good...

My third creation : Mongo's Ocean - recommended with the seafood. Slightly above average!

My final creation: Stir-fried turkey chunks with spicy noodles, pak choi, bell pepper and Curry Mango sauce. Not bad but not great either.. average!

  • [food] A good variety of meat (e.g. oryx, kangaroo, lamb, beef, ostrich, etc.) and seafood. However, a limited selection of *fresh* vegetables.
  • [service] The waitress was helpful and friendly.
  • [price] 2 cocktails + Student's special (EUR 16.90) ~ EUR 28.00. The price is slightly expensive.. but not for an ardent buffet fan ;) With the happy hours, you can save a few more euros!
  • [overall food quality] 3 1/2 stars .. The 1/2 is for Thai Curry and Oryx .. hu-hu..
Summary : A nice venue with great atmosphere; good food but there were not many WOW moments..I enjoyed a lot the 'hands-on' eating experience - looking forward to visiting another similar restaurant.. Any restaurants serving dishes from the Land of Five animals??

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