Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Vapiano

Vapiano is a self-service chain restaurant. The restaurant offers a simple yet 'chill' atmosphere. The dining room is huge and features high ceilings and glass windows. There are plenty of carefully spaced long tables and sofas. Reservation is not required - don't worry if the place is Vapiano, it's easy to share a table with strangers...Another nice things about this restaurant is it has a great outdoor seating!
The restaurant serves reasonably-priced pizzas, pastas, desserts and antipasti. The pizzas and pastas are grouped according to price on the menu. With a chip card, you can directly order your food at the food-serving counters. The food is prepared in front of the customer. There are different types of pasta (e.g. spaghetti, fusilli, ravioli, campanelle, penne, linguine, etc.) available. The chef can assist you in the selection of pasta that goes well with your dish. If your order (like pizzas) takes some time to prepare, you will be given a wireless device which vibrates when your food is ready for collection.

  • [food] I had the Asian fusion pasta "Tacchino Piccante" - Campanelle served with chicken, orange-chili sauce, pak-choi, and peppers. The pasta was cooked properly - al dente! The sauce was thick and flavorful :) Some minor drawbacks (my personal opinion) : The pasta lacked vegetables, perhaps, some mushrooms... and the food was a little bit oily!
  • [price] Pasta + Orangina ~ 7.50 EUR (reasonably priced and well portioned!)
  • [food quality] Tacchino Piccante : 3 3/4 stars
Summary: A great place to enjoy pasta/pizza in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The price is right and the food is acceptable but not overly exciting!

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