Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Sushi Bar

It's my sushi day, again! We went to the SushiBar, which is located not so far from the main station. This fast-food restaurant includes a bar with *sushi train* that is attached to a large open kitchen; there are few regular table seating and the traditional Japanese floor seating. The restaurant is subtly decorated with some japanese artifacts and plants.

I had the (a) "Grosse Portion" sushi menu which includes 8 nigiris (Tuna, 2 x Salmon, Prawn, Octopus, Mackerel, Tamago and Squid) and 8 maki sushi... (b) unagi sushi (ordered separately).

Here are the good points...
  • Incredibly low prices! Sushi Menu + Unagi Sushi + Green Tea (pot) ~ 21.00 eur
  • The service was F2 - fast and friendly!
  • Home delivery service is available!
  • *All you can eat - 16.99 EUR* - only on tuesdays, thursdays, sundays from 6pm!
Here are the bad points..
  • The serving size was small..
  • The quality was..hmmm...below average! The rice was not sticky as I expected..the seafood was not fresh...(except the unagi sushi which was slightly above average)..the soy sauce was too salty! overall, I was not happy :(
[Rating] Sushi set - 2.5 stars ; Unagi - 3.0 stars

Conclusions : This is my first (and most likely the last) visit to SushiBar...I agree that it is hard to find a good sushi bar with low prices...but, in my opinion the sushi was not satisfying at all...! If you just want to fill up your stomach with tons of sushi, this is the place to go...

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