Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Pier House

Last night, I went out with my friends to celebrate my birthday. We went to the Pier House, a Texan-Mexican restaurant located along the canal. The first thing one notice on entering the restaurant is the large space - a huge bar, spacious indoor and patio dining areas with stunning views of the canal. Further, the decor is well set with soft and mood lighting with candles on every table! The menu selection is almost overwhelming with choices ranging from salads, soups, ensaladas, empanaditas, quesadillas, fajitas, tacos, steak, texan specialties, several house specialties and many more. I ended up choosing the Pollo California - a grilled chicken breast served with grilled pineapple, salads, BBQ sauce, Mexican rice, sour cream and salsa roja (red sauce). The grilled fillet was ok, but it seemed as if something was missing. I found it a little bland. The rest were good, especially the Mexican rice.

The cocktails were little bit expensive. But, there was a late night rewards (from 10pm) featuring half price on selected cocktails (like margaritas) .. I had the "Biker", a non-alcoholic cocktail - combination of pineapple, orange, passion fruit, lime, lemon - liked it a lot!!
  • [service] The restaurant was very crowded, even on the weekday evening. Reservation is recommended especially for large group. It took a while for the waitress to get our orders, but once we placed our orders, the food was served very fast.
  • [rating] Pollo California : 3 1/2 stars ; Biker cocktail : 4 stars

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