Confessions of a Food Explorer @ Saarbrücken

Some people might be surprised to learn about my trip to Saarbrücken. Nothing so special or spectacular here. But, food matters! The city offers an incomparable blend of French and German cuisine. Here are the places I have visited.

Brauereigasthof "Stiefel Bräu" : This is an old brewery (nearly 300 years) that serves local cuisine and different types of beers. The restaurant has two floors and built in an old fashion. There are two giant brewing vessels in the middle of the restaurant. The ground floor includes an open kitchen where you can see the chefs preparing dishes.
  • I had salmon fillets served with beer-mustard sauce, potato dumplings and green salad. The salad itself was a large portion. I felt like eating one kilo of salad, but it was fantabulous. I didn't enjoy the main dish though. The dumplings were quite thick and rich, and the sauce was very was almost too much for me to handle...
  • Some good points : nice atmosphere, huge portions at a very affordable price, a good option if you want to try a bit of local cuisine and beers..
  • My Food Score : 3 stars

Street food Italian Style @ Baked Rigatoni : If you wander around the city, you will find several fast-food restaurants serving baked rigatoni and some people just queued in front of these restaurants. I would highly recommend you to give this a shot.
  • It tastes good, a *healthy* alternative for fast-food junkies, cheaper, and filling. Don't forget to add some Tabasco on top of your pasta, just for kicks!
  • My Food Score : 3 3/4 stars

Zum Adler : A must visit restaurant! This restaurant mainly serves French cuisine. On entering the restaurant, I was taken back by its dining area decorated with framed vintage posters and hanging lamps. There is also a small side dining room for private parties.
  • The entrée "scampipfaennchen" - grilled prawns served with olive oil, garlic, and parsley, was a good start! I opted for the daily menu; it includes a salt grilled fish served with white sauce, rice and vegetables. The fish was very fresh and perfectly grilled. I wish there were more vegetables included. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the food. I also recommend the flammkuchen - you may ask the waiter to exclude meat if you want to.
  • My remarks : a great escape from the busy city, a cozy and inviting atmosphere, delicious food but a little bit pricey (entrée+ grilled fish : ~25 EUR) The restaurant is located on the main street, so you may want to find information about the parking spot before your visit. Dinner reservations are highly recommended!
  • My Food Score : 4 1/4 stars

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