Confessions of a Food Explorer @ Titisee

Titisee is a large lake, located within the Black Forest. It is about 30-40 minutes by train from Freiburg. This place is not large. It is a perfect starting point for hiking through pine forests. A hike from Titisee to the nearby village called Hinterzarten is quite easy (~5km) and pleasant.

We needed a coffee fix before the hiking trip, so we went to Restaurant Bergsee. This restaurant overlooks the lake and offers different kinds of Black Forest menu. The service was very dissapointing. The terrace was half-full; we waited for 20 minutes for a waiter to visit our table, and after another 20 minutes, a second waiter came to take our order again. Probably worth a try once (they make a fantastic cup of cappuccino...believe me, it was excellent), but only if you can tolerate such a slow and poor service (a 45-minute wait for a cup of coffee!)

We had our dinner at Seehotel Wiesler. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a waiter, who led us to a table overlooking the lake. The restaurant is quite large; the menu features Chef and local
specialties, almost all dishes available in full or small portions. I ordered a small portion of Black Forest trout (or Schwarzwälder Forelle), prepared according to Müllerin Art. The side dishes were parsley potatoes and spinach. The fillet was fried in butter, served with lemon and almond flakes. It was crispy outside, and juicy inside. Loved the combination of crispy skinned fillet, almonds and lemon. In short, exceptional service and great food at an affordable price (EUR 15.50)! My Food Score : 4 1/4 stars

Note : Don't forget to grab a mini marmorkuchen from the bakery located at the Titisee train station!

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