Mister Thang Chinese Restaurant, Aachen

It's been a very long time since I have written a blog entry. Just realized that my last post was 2 years ago, phew! Thanks to my new friends who love food as much I do... we recently visited the Mister Thang Chinese restaurant in Aachen. The restaurant is situated on the Pontstr - a famous street for bars and restaurants.

[Atmosphere] This small restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining. Upon entering the restaurant, you will notice two busy chefs and smell the aromas of dishes being prepared in the open kitchen. The dining area is simple, includes several oriental sculptures, hanging lanterns, wooden tables, and with walls painted in red (i guess you can't except much as it is a casual restaurant anyway).

[Service] During our visit, there was only one person taking orders and serving food. The service was average as the restaurant was a bit crowded. I wish the waitress is a bit friendly and accommodating though!

We tried several dishes as below. There were served with rice.

(1) I call this as "cold cucumber salads" - it consists of shredded cucumbers, carrots served with hot chili oil and red chili flakes. It is a little spicy (tolerable), but not crunchy (2 stars)

(2) My favorite! I am not sure what this is called in Chinese, but it looks like the Sichuan boiled dish. It includes white fish fillets with vegetables in spicy soup! It is a little sweet for my taste, and not as spicy as it looks (3.5 stars)

(3) Deep-fried duck served with beansprouts and sweet sour sauce. I always have a mixed feeling when it comes to duck-based dishes. Duck meat is high in fat and gamy. If you don't cook it properly, it will be a food disaster! I must admit that the cook has done a good job in preparing the dish - the meat was tender and the skin was crispy and not greasy. The dish would have been better without the overcooked bean sprouts! (3 stars)

(4) Mixed vegetables with tofu and chicken pieces. Acceptable, but not outstanding (2.5 stars)

(5) "Ku Lu Yuk" - batter-fried pork, stir-fried together with a delicious sweet and sour sauce. If you haven't eaten pork in a while, you may think it has a similar taste to chicken! (3 stars)

(6) This is one of my favorite Chinese vegetables (Pak Choi). 
The dish is simple, yet tastes good! (3 stars)

(7) Beef stew with vegetables and potatoes. I didn't try it; it was ordered by one of my friends.

  • Above average food with low prices. There were six of us and each person only paid 10 euros for 7 different dishes! 
  • They have two menus; one written in German and limited, and the other is in Chinese and extensive (exciting too)! 
  • A table reservation is recommended, especially if you have a large group.  
  • The restaurant also offers a la carte menu, but I would recommend a family-style dining! Bring  several friends and order various dishes! It is more fun to eat in this way, and you will save a couple of euros!

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