My Food Journey in Buffalo : Kunis

Located at the corner of Lexington avenue, the Kuni's is one of the best sushi bars in town where you can enjoy a delightful Japanese cuisine. The sushi bar is named after his chef, Mr Kuni. In Japanese, 'kuni' also means 'country'.

  • [food] I had a small sushi combo (7 pieces and 1 roll) and a ebi shumai ( steamed shrimp dumpling). The sushi are fresh and filling - Not the *best* sushi/rolls I had so far, but they are above average...Don't forget to try the grilled eel sushi - they properly flavoured and very satisfying. The shrimp dumplings are tremendous - the skin on the dumpling was thin and tender - luv it!
  • [service, scene] The dining spaces are narrow, so it's more comfortable to eat outside. A reservation is necessary as the wait can be long. Try to get a seat closer to the open kitchen - it will be fascinating to watch the master chef craft sushi by his hands.
  • [price] A little pricey : Small combo ~ 17 dollars, Dumplings ~ 5.00 dollars
  • [food rating] Sushi & roll (3 1/2 stars); Dumpling (4 stars)

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