Meine culinarische Reise durch Münster : Santorini

My first entry about restaurants in Muenster, yay! Thanks TH and KB, for accompanying me to dinner. Santorini is a good place for fresh Greek cuisine. It offers an extensive menu and comfortable dining atmosphere. The first impression I had when I stepped into the restaurant was "Chinese or Greek??". I expected the classic white (symbolizes whiteness of the Greek buildings) and blue color (color of the sea) decorations; whereas the inner space of the restaurant was decorated with vertical and horizontal lacquered red-panels and dark wood furniture.

  • [food] The restaurant serves Greek schnapps called ouzo as an aperitif and also after the meal. Since I don't drink any alcohol, the manager gave me a pack of haribo@gummibear instead of a shot of ouzo. I ordered grilled bonesless chicken breasts with paprika and tomato sauce served with plum sauce saffron-flavored rice. The chicken breasts were tender and lightly marinated. The rice was tangy and too sour - needs some improvements! The salad bar was sufficient; both salads and ouzo shots included in the price of the meal. Overall, the food was good and enjoyable, but not the best...
  • [service, scene] There was only one waitress on duty besides the manager. The waitress was friendly and speaks English - very helpful! The murals of Greek athletes (or warriors?) on the walls were *ordinary* and not interesting (in my opinion). There was good and subtle Greek music - not loud enough to disrupt our conversation. The custom printed paper serviettes include some basic Greek - German phrases - good effort! Perhaps, Greek language is easier to learn than German; as you can see, one word in Greek corresponds to two or more words in German. Is German language more difficult than modern Greek? - ich bin mir nicht sicher....
  • [price] The dinner was very reasonably price and the serving sizes were very generous. Grilled chicken + salads + half a liter of sparkling apple juice + 2 ouzo shots/gummibears = EUR15.00!
  • [food rating] Grilled Chicken Breasts & Mixed salad (3 stars)
My overall impressions of Santorini are : the food was fairly average, the service was good and the prices were very reasonable! Efharisto ^O^

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