Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Pham's

We had our first MUSIL dinner event at the Pham's (a Thai & Vietnamese restaurant) on last Saturday. Previously, Pham's was located at Stiftsherrenstr (btw, Google map is still showing the old location!). The current location of the restaurant is Neubruecken Str 35. The restaurant is small, so be sure to make a reservation in advance. It has simple decor. Hanging on the walls is a collection of 'bamboo' photographs and a huge old photograph of couple - perhaps, Mr Pham with his wife... In general, I like the environment - cozy and a nice chatty atmosphere!

@PM - Thanks for the photos :)
  • [food] While the menu is limited compared to many traditional Vietnamese/Thai restaurant, there is a fair selection of main dish which are prepared with your choice of meat or shrimp. Also, some vegetarian options are available. I had some Thai chicken curry cooked with bamboo shoots , aubergine, broccoli, etc. and served with a small cup of white rice. Overall, I was very satisfied with the food. The white rice was just *right* - sticky and moist! The portion was small - a good way to get rid of empty calories hu-hu..^O^ The curry was mild - I guess the level of spiciness had been adjusted to fit European taste. A small remark - I wish they would make the curry sauce thicker though..and, some extra fish sauce would have made a perfect curry taste! The Ananas Schorle - not much to say, it is my all time favorite!
  • [service] The service was slow (one chef and one cook's helper), but friendly.. Don't miss the chef's trick of stir-frying!
  • [price] Great portion and reasonable price. Chicken Curry & Rice + Pineapple Juice ~ 17.00 euros.
  • [food rating] 4 stars
The last word - the best Southeast Asian restaurant in town, so far...

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