Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Cafe Malik

After hearing my friend raved about carrot cake , we eventually made a trip to Cafe Malik, situated opposite to the Schloss. Established in 1983, Cafe Malik is a full service cafe serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and homemade cakes and ice-cream. The cafe was named after an anti-war novel Der Malik-1919 (written by Else Lasker-Schüler - a German Jewish poet and writer) and Malik-Verlag which was a German publishing house started by Wieland Herzfelde & John Heartfield.

  • [food] I started with 'Tortellini Isabella' with mushroom cream sauce. It was simple and dull - not full of vegetable, a little bit flavorless and the sauce was too watery. The carrot cake was the highlight of my meal! It was a moist & dense cake, loaded with grated carrots and walnuts and not overly sweet - luv it :)
  • [atmosphere] The atmosphere is what makes Cafe Malik a pleasant place to visit. It has the ambiance of a traditional coffee house - simple, nice, cozy with a little touch of modernity. It has a separate dining area for smokers. In general, a good option to catch up with friends, to read something or to enjoy a relaxing cup of cappuccino :)
  • [price] affordable! cake + tortellini + cappuccino = 11 euros...
  • [food rating] Carrot Cake - 4 stars ; Tortellini Isabella - 2 1/2 stars
In conclusion, a great place to kill time & to chat with friends..if you can spare the calories, go for the carrot cake!

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