Celebrating my 50th blog entry at ScharferZahn, Muenster

My 50th blog entry!!! wu-hoo!!! Can't believe that I have been blogging for almost 14 months!! Thanks to the (visible and invisible) readers who have been following my posts :) There are still many things that need improvements- I am working on those skills ;) To celebrate the occasion, we went to ScharferZahn, one of the top-ranked restaurants listed in my blog. I was SO surprised when the owner (Frau Gaby Gausepohl) recognized me and my blog entry about the restaurant. Seriously guys, it means a lot to me, especially to receive appreciation for my blogging efforts from someone I hardly knew.. We were rewarded with free starters; everyone was super duper happy, yay!

The sincere tokens of appreciation from the owner, danke Gaby ^O^. They were stupendo fantabulously fantastic! My favourite was the mini-bread!
[Minibread and Chicken Salad - 4 1/4 stars]

I opted for pasta since I have tried the chicken 'steak' before. The pasta served with slices of roasted chicken breast and the pepper cream sauce. I was not SO excited with the pasta as compared to the steak. There were a lot of black pepper seeds and I wish there were some vegetables included in the dish. .however, it was still good!
[My Rating - 3 1/2 stars]

To sum up, 5 reasons to visit ScharferZahn : (1) Excellent steak, yummmy! (2) A large portion at an affordable price ;) (3) Service in restaurant - Top Class! (4) A casual dining atmosphere and finally (5) I can't think of anything to complain about ^O^

Note : My previous entry about this restaurant is available here.


  1. I should really go and finally give them a shot,given that it's just 1 minute from my place…