Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : ScharferZahn

Just back from dinner with TH, KH and BG. Thanks guys... it really turned out well :)
We had our dinner at ScharferZahn - A hidden treasure in a residential area! It is located along the Wolbecker Street - about 1.5km from the main station. The restaurant has been owned since 2009 by Gaby Gausepohl. A simple countryside atmosphere, well stocked bar, wooden furniture, several black and white 'mini' pictures on the
wall. Check out the wall and ceiling murals, especially the mural portraying the owner with her big motorcycle - cool!
  • [food] House specialities include steaks (beef, pork, turkey or chicken) along with 12 kinds of sauces (mild, hot or sweet& sour) and choices of potato (french fries, potato wedges, mashed potatoes or cajun fries). I began with the compliment 'mini-bread' with garlic sauce and mixed salad - that was a good start! Then, I had the 'ScharferZahn de Pollo' - a grilled chicken served with mashed potatoes with sour cream and ScharferZahn special BBQ hot sauce. The hot sauce went well with the chicken steak. The chicken was relatively tender and flavourful, most importantly, it was NOT dried and burnt! The mashed potatoes were just as good :)
  • [service] On arrival, the owner personally greeted us - that was nice :) The service was friendly and fast. Note that there were not many customers when we were there, so it might be a bit slow during busy hours...
  • [price] Mini-bread, salad, chicken steak with choices of dipping sauce and potato , water, cola = just 15.50 EUR..... A R2 - A 'Ridiculously Reasonable' price!!!!
  • [rating] Food - 4 .5 stars
To conclude, ScharferZahn offers all the elements you want - amazing food (freshly prepared steak) with a VERY reasonable price, a good service, a cosy atmosphere. The only drawback is the menu is limited to steaks besides one type of noodle with beef/chicken/turkey and some finger food.

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