Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Grotemeyer

A famous hang-out place for middle-aged or elderly, Cafe Grotemeyer is a long-standing, much like a traditional Viennese-style coffee house in Muenster. It was opened in 1850 by Albert and Bertha Grotemeyer. It is VERY spacious, uncluttered. The decors consist of deep red & green turquoise furniture with various portraits on the walls, full length classic style drapes, 'mini' coffee sets arranged on the shelves, magazine racks, etc. The floor is carpeted throughout. The windows are full of colourful marzipan fruits..don't forget to check the marzipan potatoes - they look very authentic!!!
  • [food] The menu was overwhelming - several options of breakfast meals, ice-cream desserts, mouth watering pastries and tortes, different types of coffee and tea, wines, alcohol-free beverages, etc. The cafe also offers different kinds of cookies and chocolates. I ordered a slice of chocolate hazelnut cake and a cup of macadamia flavored cappuccino. The cake was nutty and perfectly sweetened. I wish it was a little more dense...The cappuccino was one of the well-made cappuccinos I have had outside of Italy.
  • [service] The service was very good; the waitresses were friendly and attentive...
  • [price] Cake + Cappuccino = 5.60 EUR.. A reasonable price!
  • [rating] Chocolate hazelnut cake - 3 1/2 stars ; Cappuccino - 4 stars
Cafe Grotemeyer is worth visiting...You might find yourself surrounded by older age groups, but it is a good place to relax and enjoy a coffee in the city... I will go back again to try more torte and chocolates!

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