Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Hafez Restaurant

Today, I had my first experience eating Persian food. Initially, we (J, P and me) wanted to go to Fatamorgana (a Syrian restaurant), but it was closed... Luckily, we found Hafez @ a Persian restaurant located close to Fatamorgana. ..Hafez is a medium-sized restaurant which offers delicious Persian specialties. As you walk into this restaurant, you will smell 'curry' in the air..It might smell a bit musty at the beginning, but it takes just time to get used to it...The ambiance is good, with Persian (maybe?) music playing in the background. The decor is modern with a classic touch; large wooden framed mirrors are arranged horizontally on the wall to make the place looks bigger..
  • [food] The waitress served some complementary flat bread with a plate of mixed green leaves and cheese. The bread were kind of dry... For starters, we opted for a plate of Kashk-e Bademjan (Persian eggplant stew) served with mixed salads and creamy yogurt sauce. The combination of eggplant with eggs was mind blowing!!! I truly enjoyed the appetizer!!! I ordered a platter of a grilled baby lamb fillet served with saffron rice, a grilled tomato and mixed salads. I was pleased with the lamb - the meat was juicy and tender. The rice itself was good - don't forget to melt a slice of butter over the rice, it enhances the taste of food :)
  • [service] Attentive service...the waitress explained about the menu and food preparation, unfortunately in German!
  • [price] Appetizer + Main Course + Water + ApfelSchorle ~ 21.00 EUR, a reasonable price as the portions were generous!
  • [food rating] Appetizer - 4.5 stars ; Main Course - 4 stars
It is like 'love at first sight' - I fall in love with Persian food right on my first try at Hafez.. We were there for almost 2 hours, and when we left the restaurant, it was still almost empty(Gosh, I wonder why!)... This restaurant offers good food with affordable price & friendly, go for it! A small remark - you might smell a bit like 'curry' after your meal tho... hu-hu

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