Meine Culinarische Reise durch Münster : Sakanaya

It is about sushi again! But, this time they come with a VERY reasonable price... Sakanaya Sushi Bar & Taxi is a very small sushi restaurant located at HafenStr. The restaurant mainly runs as a delivery service; however it also offers a small seating area with few sushi and tall tables. With their online website, you can browse the restaurant menu and order the sushi of your choice. In general, the atmosphere is simple and clean, but you can't expect a full Japanese dining experience with its decor...

@the sushi lovers (TF, PM, LP) - Thanks for joining ^O^
  • [food] I had the 'All You Can Eat Dinner' which includes a miso soup as a starter dish, a plate of Maki and Uramaki, followed by a second plate of Nigiri, and finally a choice of a Temaki roll. The miso soup was ok, a little more tofu would be better. It was a chef's choice sushi combo; I wish they offered tamago, inari nigiri. The sushi rice here requires some effort; it was a bit dry and not sticky! The rolls were small (not really a big issue for me), and some of the nigiri were not fresh...e.g, ebi & maguro nigiri. The Unagi Temaki (grilled eel with avocado) was delightful.
  • [service] The service was fast; the waiter was friendly.
  • [price] Sushi Combo + Green Tea ~ 16 EUR ... You just can't beat the price!!!
  • [food rating] Sushi Combo - 3 stars
Conclusions : You can't really expect to get a first-class sushi (like in Tokia Acacia) with the prices of sushi at Sakanaya, but if you are looking for average quality sushi with an amazing price, this sushi bar is a good option. Due to limited number of tables, it might be not a good place to hang out with a large group of people.


  1. I wish I ate sushi, it is always so colorful and probably way more nutritious than what I normally eat.

    Also I just converted 16 euro to american dollars... wow! I didn't know sushi is so expensive!

    I enjoyed your description of the place, I would probably go there since I'm poor (if i liked sushi) :)

  2. haha...u should visit europe while i am here...yeah, sushi in europe are expensive! have you been to kuni's in buffalo? that was not bad...