My Food Journey in Buffalo : Anchor Bar

One of the fun things to do in Buffalo is to try the chicken wings. Today, I went Anchor Bar (Main Street) which is known as the birthplace of chicken wing, invented by Frank and Theresa Belissimo in 1964.
  • [food] The chicken wings come in different level of spiciness - mild, medium, hot , spicy bbq or suicidal. They were served with celery and bleu cheese. I ordered the 'hot' wings - they were less oily, crispy on the outside, sour and tangy! The celery sticks were less fresh and less crunchy; further, the bleu cheese was too salty, in my opinion.
  • [service, scene] This original home of buffalo wings is certianly one of the popular tourist spots in Buffalo - The interior decor includes various license plates from travellers from different states and of course the portaits of local and non-local celebrities. The food menu looks like printed newspapers - very different, economic, and unique! There is a bunch of motorcyles on display - very cool ^O^
  • [price] The price is slightly expensive than Duffs - 10 chicken wings cost 11 dollars.
  • [food rating] Chicken wings (3 stars)
AnchorBar vs DUFFS - favorite place for wings??!! my vote goes to Duffs. They serve chicken wings with fresh celery and baby carrots, the bleu cheese flavor is just perfect!

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