My Food Journey in Buffalo : Mother's

Walk into Mother's, experience the relaxing ambiance and enjoy an easy romantic dinner food on a candle-lit table with soft jazz music!

Overall, the food was decent and the presentation was really nice. However, I think they are imcomparable with those from Hutch's, San Marco and LeftBank
  • [food] I started with roasted onion and gorgonzola soup; followed by pan seared yellow fin tuna topped with lime butter and melon, cucumber relish over coconut rice and baby bok choy, and finally I had a chocolate cappuccino mousse layer cake. The soup was a bit watery, for my taste. I love the seared tuna, however I felt the coconut rice and the diced melon did not fit together. Finally, the cake - a dessert to die for!!! It was very moist and scrumptious :)
  • [service, scene] I really liked the ambiance - warm and relaxing; nice decor and very friendly staffs. I was very impressed with the handwritten food menu - see the above pic :) Note: This place got a little noisy after nine, as more people gathered in the bar area.
  • [price] I paid ~34 dollars (ok, I know the fresh tuna is expensive, but the food is still pricey!)
  • [food rating] Soup (2 stars) ; Seared Tuna (3 stars) ; Dessert (4 1/2 stars)

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