My Food Journey in Buffalo : Saigon Bangkok

Saigon Bangkok is known as the best Thai restaurant in Buffalo. This medium sized restaurant serves Thai as well as Vietnamese cuisine. The dish was prepared well, however, based on my previous experiences with Thai food, I won't regard them as 'VERY UNUSUAL and EXCEPTIONAL'!! Overall, it was a good find, but not a triumph tho...

  • [food] For appetizer, I ordered the Satay Chicken served with peanut dipping sauce. The chicken was tender, but with a bit of blackness on the fringes - I was not so excited with the appetizer because it had some burn flavor! Further, peanut sauce was not as good as the one from Jasmine Thai! My main course was the Tamarind Tilapia - fish fillets in sweet and sour tamarind sauce with shredded ginger, onions, pineapple chunks, etc. The fillets were crispy and very tasty.
  • [service] The service was not so fast, the waitress was helpful!
  • [price] The restaurant serves a large portion sizes for a reasonable price. Appetizer + Main Course + Pop ~ USD25!
  • [scene/decor] The decor is average, the restaurant is very clean. I love the Buddha portrait on the wall ;)
  • [food rating] appetizer (2 1/2 stars) ; main course (4 stars)

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