My Food Journey in Buffalo : DUFFS Buffalo Wings

A food lover in Buffalo should visit the Prof Rapaport's web page. It contains an excellent guide to restaurants around Buffalo. For the next few weeks, I am going to visit few restaurants as listed on this page..

Today, I bought 10 pieces of medium hot buffalo wings from DUFF's at Sheridan Drive, but ate only half of those pieces because the food was filling.

Here are my reviews:
  • [food] The buffalo wings were crispy and tasted great!! However, I wish they were less-oily. The blue cheese dip with veggies-> outstanding :)
  • [service] A friendly and fast service...
  • [price] 10 pieces of wings for 9.75 dollars, a reasonable price!
  • [scene/decor] A typical American bar with moderate setting.
  • [food rating] 3 1/2 stars

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